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Rolly John Deere X-Trac with Loader

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Rolly John Deere X-Trac with Loader

King size pedal tractor with Rolly Trac Loader.

Rolly X-Trac tractors are the largest tractors in the Rolly Toys range.

Suitable for ages 3+.

With a 12mm rear axle it can be used by kids as old as 8 years old. Adjustable seat.

All 4  wheels are strengthened by a resin band which helps the X – TRAC grip on all surfaces, reduces wear and tear and makes it a quiet. smoothe running tractor.

Features adjustable seat, rollover bar and  covered integral chain drive with adjustable pedal crank. Bonnet opens and closes.

Comes with a Maxi Loader and bucket.

Tow hitch on the front and rear of tractor.